Nearly all of our roads throughout the country are laid and surfaced with Tarmac, benefits of this include the material is very strong and durable. It doesn’t need any maintenance like weeding, weeds won’t grow through the Tarmac. Despite being a cheaper option, you will not miss out on high quality and an expert fitting. Plus you still get the chance to personalise your fitting; you are able to choose from black or red colours and you can also add a stylish block paved border of your choice!

Tarmac may be a cheaper alternative to other materials used to create driveways, but it still requires a very high level of skill to be effectively fitted. The installation includes using a variety of different tools and machinery, so you need to be sure that you are getting a well experienced team to do the work.

Ensure you don’t hire a cowboy – Preparation will need to be made to your ground, either to ensure the tarmac sticks to existing surfaces using leotac, or a pre-layer of larger tarmac to ensure it wont sink after a few nights of parking your car. We have fitted Tarmac Drives all across Warrington and the north west over the past 20 years and they are still around today.

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